Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recipe Saturday: Crock-pots

I recently got a new crock-pot from a friend and I've been cooking up a storm at Casa de Costa! I have a confession: I'm actually a terrible cook. I can't help peeking under the lid, stirring and stirring, or taking the tray out of the oven. I have a classic case of "is-it-done-yet?"-itis. I can't help myself! I end up tweaking the recipe or taking the pan off the stove before it's fully done. DH is a terrific sport, though, since he is pretty handy in the kitchen. That's why I love slowcooking, because it's easy and pretty goof-free.

Some of my favorite sites for slow cook recipes:
A Year of Slowcooking/Crockpot365- I found this site several years ago and it turned me on to slowcooking. Most of her recipes are gluten free and/or vegetarian. I also love that she uses her crockpots for unconventional things (mud masks, kids crafts, desserts). I love Tamale Pie and Indian Curry.

Slow and Simple- This site organizes its recipes into key categories, including diabetic-friendly and beverages (and wild game, what?). I like Autumn Chicken and Pizza Beans.

The Recipe Mom- I just stumbled on this site, which is featuring several crock pot recipes this week. There's also a guide to picking out a crockpot. My guide: Go to Target. Pick one out. Done.  I like her recipe for easy psghetti.

I did a Kroger run today to pick up some extra chicken stock, veggies and chicken to whip up some larger batches of stuff this weekend to freeze. It's been a rough week of temper tantrums, repairs, and craziness. Looking forward to some quiet days but I'm not sure when they will be here!!


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